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Many paths lead into the future…

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… with its Forum Zukunft ("Future Forum"), the German Publishers and Booksellers Association offers its members a pathfinder for the age of e-commerce and the social web. Forum Zukunft is designed as an engine for change, experimental laboratory and platform for discussion. Its goal is to conceive, develop and try out new ideas and possibilities for the book trade.

About us

Frankfurter Buchmesse: Forum-Zukunft-Frühstück

Engine for change

Forum Zukunft highlights and promotes new possibilities for the publishing sector brought along by digitalization and Web 2.0. Industry innovations are presented as inspiration with the aim to entice members of all parties to become involved in shaping the future of publishing.

Experimental laboratory

Forum Zukunft initiates projects and competitions in order to give creative thinkers a chance to develop and implement new ideas that will advance the future of the book trade. One example is protoTYPE , a project in which experienced mentors guide young innovators through the process of conceptualizing a new product or service for the publishing industry.  

Recently, Forum Zukunft has launched a campaign that focuses on the visibilty of digital content. In order to explore how e-books and other digital products and services could be presented to customers and trade partners in a physical space, the competition "Forum Zukunft Arena Digital 2014" was launched on the crowdsourcing platform jovoto. Over 130 ideas were handed in by creatives from 34 countries. 

Platform for discussion

The book fairs in Leipzig and Frankfurt are just two of many leading events where the Forum Zukunft is present. On these occasions, we host panel discussions on current issues.


A more detailed overview of Forum Zukunft's activities is available in German