Börsenverein structural reform: Committee offices set to restructure / Dr. Kyra Dreher to become joint Managing Director


On 1st December 2016 Dr. Kyra Dreher will take up the position of Managing Director of the Joint Office of the Börsenverein’s Committees representing the member groups / Petra Fust and Kerstin Rothkirch to become Head of the Publishers Committee and Retail Booksellers Committee respectively. 

An essential part of the ongoing structural reform of the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels (German Publishers and Booksellers Association) is the strengthening of the intersectional work between the member groups of the association (publishers, retail booksellers, wholesalers). Since one year, Börsenverein members have worked together in interdivisional interest groups (IG) and the Committees representing the three member gropus have gathered twice for joint meetings. And now, as part of the reform process, the offices of the Committees will also reorganise. The offices themselves were already merged in June, and now the management team itself is restructuring. 

Dr. Kyra Dreher, who previously functioned as head of the office of the Retail Booksellers Committee, will become sole Managing Director of the Börsenverein’s Joint Office of the Committees starting on 1st December. Rolf Nüthen, who acted as head of the Publishers Committee since 2008, will retire on 30th November. In her new capacity, Dreher will be responsible for the work of the Committees as well as for coordinating the interest groups and acting as the interface between these groups and the executive board. In the future, the three member groups will be represented at the Joint Office by three department heads: Petra Fust will manage the Publishers section, Kerstin Rothkirch the Retail Booksellers section and Sarah Harnecker the Wholesalers section. The amendment to the Börsenverein charter required to institute these changes was already approved at the Annual General Meeting on 24th June 2016.  

“The restructuring of the Börsenverein’s management offices is the latest step in our ongoing reform process. Our colleague Kyra Dreher is an extremely competent and experienced individual whose knowledge and skill make her an ideal person to carry out this important role as coordinator and interface”, noted Börsenverein’s chief executive, Managing Director Alexander Skipis.

The chairmen of the Börsenverein’s Committees – Matthias Ulmer (Publishers), Thomas Wrensch (Retail Booksellers) and Stefan Könemann (Wholesalers) – welcome the reorganisation: “This new centralised management structure will allow us to deal with issues effectively and across the board. Kyra Dreher is a committed and qualified colleague and we look forward to having her as a partner at our side. We wish her all the best in her new role”. 

Dr. Kyra Dreher (43) has been Managing Director of the Retail Booksellers Committee since 2007. She holds a doctorate in law and has also been Co-President of the European and International Booksellers Federation (EIBF) for the past two years.

Press photo Kyra Dreher (JPEG), photo: Claus Setzer

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