Berlin Publishers' Appeal: A digital Europe needs strong and independent publishers


Negotiations concerning the EU directive on copyright in the digital single market are entering a decisive phase. At their annual general assembly, German publishers have issued an urgent appeal to the European Parliament.

Next week, the Legal Affairs Committee at the European Parliament will take important decisions affecting the future of European creative industries. On the occasion of the Buch Tage in Berlin, the German book industry’s annual convention, publishers in the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels (German Publishers & Booksellers Association) are calling on Members of the European Parliament to strengthen the rights of publishers and authors in the planned reforms, and thus support a diverse and independent publishing landscape.

“Publishers are already making a vital contribution to a successful digital Europe. We work on user-friendly and up-to-date publication channels every day. Only with strong copyright protection will we be able to uphold the level of quality and diversity for our readership for which the European book sector is renowned."

  • Where Member States may provide for a publisher share in compensation for uses under exceptions or limitations, they must be able to foresee this also for newly introduced and future exceptions or limitations with statutory compensation. Therefore, Art. 12 should not make reference to any specific date associated with the HP/Reprobel ruling of the CJEU.
  • The planned exception for illustration for teaching should be limited to short extracts of works or short works in order to prevent the reproduction of e.g. entire novels, which would have an excessive impact on the market. The duration of the use should be limited to what is necessary. Member States should be expressly permitted to carve out school books from the exception.

The EU economy benefits from the annual turnover of 24 billion Euros contributed by the European book industry, of which more than nine billion Euros are generated in Germany (these figures represent a diverse range of around 72,500 book titles published annually in Germany). Europe cannot afford to permanently weaken its strongest creative industry by means of unbalanced legislation.

For the publishers: Peter Kraus vom Cleff, Commercial Director Rowohlt Verlag; Christian Schumacher-Gebler, CEO of Bonnier Media Germany, Börsenverein delegates to the Federation of European Publishers (FEP).

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