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Mourning for victims of Russian attack on large printing plant in Ukraine

Factor printing plant hit in Russian airstrikes on the city of Kharkiv on 23 May 2024.
Erstellt am 24.05.2024

© Sergey Polituchiy

According to media reports, Russian airstrikes on the city of Kharkiv on 23 May 2024 also hit the Factor printing plant. According to the Ukrainian Publishers Association, seven people were killed and over 20 others were seriously injured. According to association reports, the production facilities, including printed books – amongst them school and textbooks for children – were completely destroyed. The Factor printing plant is one of the largest in Ukraine and Europe. Books from the Vivat publishing house, which belongs to the same group, as well as numerous other Ukrainian publishers are printed there. In a few days, on 30 May, the Arsenal Book Festival will begin in Kiev, and many books are currently being printed there for direct sale.

Peter Kraus vom Cleff, Managing Director of the German Publishers and Booksellers Association: "The attack on the Factor printing plant strikes at the heart of the Ukrainian book industry. We are shocked and appalled! Our thoughts and sympathy are especially with the injured and the families of the victims. According to UN figures, over 10,000 Ukrainian civilians have already lost their lives since Russia began its attack on Ukraine in violation of international law. Targeted attacks on the Ukrainian book industry are a perfidious part of Russia's hybrid warfare. These heinous and inhumane acts must stop! We continue to support our Ukrainian colleagues."

The German publisher Katapult prints its geopolitical magazine "Katapultu" at Factor. Katapult has launched an appeal for donations for the printing company:

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