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German Non-Fiction Prize 2024: the jury has been selected

Seven jury members nominated / Publishers can register titles until 17 November 2023 / Call for submissions on
Erstellt am 06.11.2023

The jury for the German Non-Fiction Prize 2024 has been selected. The Akademie Deutscher Sachbuchpreis (Academy of the German Non-Fiction Prize) has appointed the following seven experts from the areas of non-fiction criticism, journalism, science and the book trade to the jury:

  • Sibylle Anderl (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)
  • Julika Griem (Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities [KWI] Essen)
  • Michael Hagner (ETH Zurich)
  • Stefan Koldehoff (Deutschlandfunk)
  • Michael Lemling (“Buchhandlung Lehmkuhl” bookshop)
  • Patricia Rahemipour (Institute for Museum Research, Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation)
  • Katrin Vohland (Natural History Museum Vienna)

The members of the jury decide who will receive the German Non-Fiction Prize 2024. At their first joint meeting, they will appoint their spokesperson. The Akademie Deutscher Sachbuchpreis selects a new jury every year. It is possible to serve as a member of the jury more than once.

Die Stiftung Buchkultur und Leseförderung des Börsenvereins des Deutschen Buchhandels (Foundation for Book Culture and the Promotion of Reading of the German Publishers and Booksellers Association) awards the prize, worth a total of 42,500 euros, to an original German-language edition of an outstanding non-fiction book that inspires social debate. The winner receives 25,000 euros, the seven runners-up 2,500 euros each. The award ceremony will be held on 11 June 2024 in the Small Hall of the Elbphilharmonie concert hall in Hamburg.

Publishers may submit titles

Until 17 November 2023, publishers may submit two German-language monographs each from their current or planned programme and recommend up to five additional titles on These titles must be published between 19 April 2023 and 23 April 2024 and be available in bookshops no later than 23 April, when the nominees are announced.

The non-fiction book of the year is selected through a two-stage process. First, the jury compiles a list of nominees comprising eight titles, which will be announced on 23 April 2024. From this selection, the members of the jury will then choose the non-fiction book of the year. The eight authors will only find out which of them has won the German Non-Fiction Prize on the evening of the award ceremony itself.

Minister of State for Culture Claudia Roth is patron of the German Non-Fiction Prize. Deutsche Bank Stiftung (Deutsche Bank Foundation) is the main supporter of the prize, which is also backed by the city of Hamburg and the foundation ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius. 

Complete information about the prize and the online application form are available at

The hashtag for the German Non-Fiction Prize is #DeutscherSachbuchpreis


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